Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moving forward

Hi everyone I want to thank you all for the thoughtful comments you have made to me. It really means alot to me and has helped me get through this very tough time. I have been blessed and have alot of positive things going on right now. I am staying focused on these things and trying to move forward. I am back on my diet and have my food intake back under control. My wedding anniversary is May 03 this is the date that I have set to achieve my first goal I will let you know what it is in a future post. I will try to send out more comments to everyone. I am still new to this blog thing and still figuring things out! Thank you all for being out there for me.


  1. Thanks for the comment. So what's been going on that is making this time hard? I'm glad you're back on track with your goals. :)

  2. Hi HKins....This time has been especially hard for me because my Father passed away on January 04, 2009 and then my Eldest Brother passed away on February 10, 2009. These situations have had a huge impact on me mentally and physically. I am doing better today. But my wounds are still open and the pain still very real. If you read some of my earlier posts you will be able to read more about my situations. I am glad to be back on my goals. It helps me alot to focus on something else otherwise I feel like I am reliving the deaths over and over in my head especially with my Eldest Brother because he passed away right before my eyes. He was very ill. He got West Nile in June 2008. He weighed 245 when he went into the hospital and 3 months later when he came out he weighed 140. He came home where my Mother took care of him. He was in a hospital bed 24/7 could not walk. He got pnemonia and went into the hospital the doctors told us he would not survive. So while still mourning the death of my Father, I along with my Mother, Older Sister and another Brother sat by his hospital bed for 9 days and watched him die. It was the hardest and most beautiful thing I have and probably will ever do. I say beautiful because he was concious and well aware that we were all there and I hope that it helped him to have us all around him.