Monday, March 2, 2009

A great affordable red wine

This red wine is fruity, bubbly and affordable it's a great complement to ethnic foods such as Indian, Spanish, Chinese, or even burgers.


  1. That was my sister Christina's all time favorite

  2. Danielle, I saw that you decided to follow my blog. Fab! I love having fans! I must tell you that just yesterday I was thinking of asking folks about wines they like. Seriously, I'm not making this up....I don't like wine but I so desperately want too. I wanted to ask folks for suggestions in finding that perfect wine that will train my pallet to be a fan and possible a conisour (sp) . So here's the best bit...your most resent post is suggesting a fabulous wine. Gotta luv it! Thanks for answering my question even before I asked it. :)

  3. Hi! I am so happy to be of help! Yes this wine is great. If you have a Trader Joe's market near you get the Lambrusco that they carry. I think there's is the best!