Friday, March 27, 2009

My Sister, my angel.....

My Eldest Sister, Virginia. She has been telling me and telling me to go on Weight Watchers with her. I tell her, "no its to complicated, I don't want to count, I don't want to buy all the food" as she would say, "blah blah blah, all your excuses." She has lost 50 pounds. So today I told her about the new job. She was so happy. She told me."now you can pack Weight Watcher lunches to have at work" and of course I go on and on with my excuses. So this after noon she tells me in a text,"text me the kinds of fruit, veggies, meat, milk that you like and I will try to come up with a menu for you." So I did I figure lets see maybe she will come up with something interesting! So tonight I get a call from her she asks me," what are you doing? I am thinking to go down to Marshalls by your house and I thought we could go eat at Chick Fil A for dinner." I didn't have plans and hadn't eaten dinner yet so I said, "sure." When she and my Niece arrived their arms were FULL of grocery bags! My Sister bought me everything I needed to start Weight Watcher's! I was shocked, still am shocked. My refrigerator is over flowing with healthy stuff, along with my cupboards! She is is writing out a menu and is going to call me every day to tell me what I need to put together to eat for the day! She is my personal nutritionist now! LoL Now I am more than motivated to continue my weight loss journey. Thank you Big 6 (I call my Sister Big 6 )!!

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  1. Wow!! You are blessed girl. How many people care that much to do that for you? Usually sisters are trying to out do one-another (I know I have one)..but instead shes trying to help you be a BETTER!