Monday, February 2, 2009

Spa Cucumber Water

I love "Spa Cucumber Water." It is so refreshing! It also improves the look of your skin. I am one of those people who would go an entire day without drinking any water at all but never missing a soda! Making my water more special has made it easier for me to drink. I have a few other water recipes I will soon share with you. This is my favorite.
In a pitcher, mix the water, 1 cucumber sliced not peeled, 3 or more mint sprigs and 1 lemon sliced not peeled. I let it rest in the fridge for 24 hours. If you prepare the water at the last minute, it just won't have a strong flavor. For your first batch I suggest you taste test every so often to see how strong you like it.You can always add more or less of everything. Before serving remove the cucumber slices used to flavor the water. Then stir with a wooden spoon. If you want add some ice cubes fresh cucumber and lemon slice and mint sprigs for garnish. You can also add Splenda. Try it without Splenda first it tastes pure and fresh on it's own. I hope you enjoy this refreshing drink.


  1. I agree! Cucumber water is delish! I don't know why I never make it at home.

  2. I will have to give your cucumber water a try. Thanks for posting it!

  3. thanks for the post on this! sounds refereshing!!