Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inspiring man today on Oprah, Michael Hebranko....

Have any of you ever heard about Michael Hebranko? This is his picture. Today was the first time I have heard of Michael Hebranko and his life battles. I was watching The Oprah show and this man is so inspiring. He is not only inspiring to people with weight issues but he is inspiring to everyone in any given situation. Michael's outlook on life is so beautiful, empowering, astonishing and inspiring. I encourage all of you to look up Michael Hebranko. I am so happy to say Michael has a blog here on blogspot! :)


  1. I have Oprah saved on the DVR, so I haven't gotten to this episode yet. Soon, though I hope! Sounds like a must see to me!

  2. Hi Pamela! Yes it is a must see. I think that Michael Hebranko should write a story about his life. I have looked for it online. I don't see any books out on his story. I think his story can inspire many for years to come. :)

  3. Hi All
    Just want to thank you for your kind thoughts and words. The truth is we all have different kinds of battles and we all have the power within ourselves to hang in there and push ahead. We have to stay positive, faithful, and be willing to forgive. Moslty ourselves. We are prety great people and deserve the love, care and patience we usually are ready to give everyone else in our lives.
    Anyway again thanks again....and remember we only fail when and if we give up! Smile and ...
    All my love and respect to my brothers and sisters in battle

    I have not written a book ...yet! I have one in me but I am not an author. I am looking for a publisher so if anyone out there can help let me know