Monday, April 20, 2009

Good day

Hi everyone! Today was such a hot day. It is a lovely day just so hot. I can't take the heat. I am so glad that the apartment that I live in is in a cool location but I think I have gotten spoiled by this because for the first time in over a year my apartment reached 78 degrees and I felt like I was about to die! I am starting to wonder if this mostly cool apartment is not good for me. Now I can barely handle 78 degrees. I am not kidding I was feeling sick! How can this be? The house I lived in prior to this was an old historical home and had no air conditioner. That house reached temperatures of 104. I hated it took many showers during the day but I was able to handle it and now a little old 78 degrees has me running to turn the air on! I would of loved and been so thankful for the 78 degrees before and now I am sick over it.??? uggggggg :/

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