Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update on new job and WW :D

Hi all -

Sorry it has been so long. I have been so busy with the new job and the new WW plan my Sister put me on. So much has gone on.......

Where to begin....

First off I went in with high hopes for the new job but to my surprise I hated it!! This bank location was in a supermarket not a traditional free standing branch. I hated it ! I felt like I was in a glass box suffocating! This location is also open 7 days a week and they told me the hours just changed and now we would be open everyday until 7:00 pm! ugggggg It was not the normal professional banking environment that I am use to. This branch has the staff doing so many things that it just didn't fit with my personality and morales. The Manager actually has the staff go out and "pimp accounts"! I say "pimp accounts" because my best friend on a rough day made me laugh hysterically by calling it "pimping accounts". The Manager would have the staff go out into the market to tell customers we were there in the supermarket and even have the staff approach customers in the parking lot when they are getting in their cars!! The last straw for me was when she told me she wanted me to go to the local park to tell people about the bank and try to get new customers! I just imagined myself looking down at all the drunk people and homeless people laying and lounging on the grass and then imagining them yelling at me about how they don't even have a job and no money and who am I to tell them where to put the 2 cents that they had left! Thank God I have an understanding old fashion Husband that gives me the option to stay home and would rather have me home than actually work. This allowed me the option to quit the job immediately. I have never felt so free in my life! I must say the staff was excellent and I would have loved to work with the team longer but not with what the Manager requested us to do. On the upside to this I got a call from the second largest financial institution in the US and they offered me a job!The location is a free standing branch in fact they don't have many branches in supermarkets :) and they are closed on Sunday and Saturday they are open until 2pm. I was so happy and I figure I will give them a try. They have to be more professional than the last bank they couldn't be so big if they weren't right? I hope. Well if I don't like it, I will quit there too! :D I start the new job this Thursday.
Now as far as WW plan goes I have FANTASTIC news!!! I have lost 15 POUNDS since I started WW!! I am so excited. Could this be the magic plan I have been waiting for?? It has been very easy to stick to for me. The part I dread is giving my Sister the credit for getting me on it when I was against it for so long! ugggggg I hate it when others are right ! he he he :D


  1. I'm glad that you were able to quit the job at the supermarket bank. I would absolutely hate trying to sale accounts to homeless folks too! Wow! Well done on you 15 lbs loss! Congrats. I know how hard one has to work to even loose 1 lb. Great job! As far as giving you sister credit. For sure give her the credit for encouraging you to do WW but alas all the credit for the 15 lbs belongs to you. You make every decision about what to eat and what not to eat. You could have signed up for WW and decided to eat an entire bag of Nutter Butters but you didn't. Well done!!

  2. Congratulations on losing 15lbs!! That's fantastic! Good luck for the other bank job, the one that doesn't expect you work silly hours in a strange place!!

  3. What a fantastic weight loss Danielle. Well done!! Do WW meetings in America do similar kind of things that are done in the UK? They give us a silver 7 for each 7lb's lost (it's like being at school), a little stone for every stone (14lbs) lost, a key ring for loosing 10%, a certificate for 50lbs and 100lbs lost...
    Hope your new bank job is a lot better than the previous one.
    Have a fab week x

  4. Thank you! Yes Twinkle Eyes, I need to look into going to meetings. My Sister who started me on WW goes to the meetings and I asked her if we have the same things that you mentioned and she said yes we they offer the same weightloss rewards. :)

  5. Thank you Loved and Lost :) I too hope that this new Bank job will be much better than the other one.I went in for a tour and to met the crew and so far it seemed to be much better.:)

  6. Thank you HKins! The Nutter Butters sound so good I wonder how many points they are! he he he :D