Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Legally Blondes .........the movie :D

The movie Legally Blonde's was cute. ;) I am glad that I bought it. I was a tad bit disappointed as I missed Reese Witherspoon character. The girls in the movie were cute and being that this was their first role I think they did a great job. On the DVD extras they talk about how they were discovered. They were in the audience of a taping of their favorite show and the producer asked them to meet with her. All in all I enjoyed it and I am glad that I bought it to go along with the rest of the Legally Blonde set that I have. I made popcorn and had vanilla Golden Spoons frozen yogurt with fresh berries that I cooked in a pot with Splenda earlier in the day and refrigerated it so it would be cold to put on top of the Golden Spoons frozen yogurt. :) Ang go buy your copy!!!! :) I hope you like the girly cute movie as much as I did, let me know.


  1. Thanks for the heads up..I'll put it on my wish list for mother's day..(LOL) I love the legally blonde movies..

  2. Your welcome Ang. I love all the Legally Blonde movies too :D I hope you get it for Mothers Day and everything else on your list!